End of Year Giving Instructions:

It's that time of year again! 

As we count our blessings over the Holiday season, generosity is in the air. And as you ponder ways to help those less fortunate or support worthy organizations, such as your parish or alma mater, consider establishing a charitable fund at The Catholic Foundation as a vehicle for giving.

 We’re a unique type of Foundation that allows you to do your current AND future giving, THROUGH US, to your favorite Catholic AND non-Catholic charitable entities. If you are not sure to which organizations you wish to donate this year, yet need a tax deduction now, consider using The Catholic Foundation.

You can give THROUGH the Foundation before December 31st, and recommend gifts from your fund, whenever it’s most convenient. The Catholic Foundation has the knowledge and experience to help you plan year-end gifts in ways to support the charities you love as well as minimize income tax.  To learn more about how The Catholic Foundation can help you, call 972-661-9792 or email us.

Instructions for Stock Transfers to The Catholic Foundation:
Merrill Lynch Account #540-04286 DTC #8862
Contact Name at Merrill Lynch: Ryan Maynard
Please email Carol McDonald to notify her of the upcoming transfer details.

Please note:
If you want to make a contribution for 2018, you may either send us a check dated in December with the envelope postmarked by the USPS no later than December 31, 2018 or you can click on Give Today and complete your credit card  transaction by 11:59pm December 31, 2018.  Please complete the entire form, including contribution amount, fund name, your name, address and phone number portion to ensure proper credit for your gift.